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I'm Mariia Amarii

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"Ephemeral Emotions:

A Journey Through Portraits and Beyond

In my artistic odyssey, I have embarked on an immersive exploration of the human experience, delving into the profound depths of facial expressions. Departing from the rigid constraints of Byzantine iconography that shaped the early chapters of my creative narrative, my latest project unfolds as a tapestry of emotions woven onto the canvas. This endeavour marks a departure from the structured world of tradition, allowing me to experiment with the vast spectrum of human emotions, translating them into a visual language that transcends cultural boundaries.

Portraits, for me, have become the quintessential vessel through which I articulate the intricate nuances of the human soul. Faces, like time capsules, encapsulate moments, experiences, and sentiments. The journey begins with the deliberate selection of subjects, each chosen for the unique narrative etched onto their countenance. The essence lies not just in the features themselves, but in the stories they yearn to tell.

Embracing the universal language of facial expressions, my paintings seek to encapsulate the six primary emotions - joy, anger, sadness, disgust, fear, and surprise. Every stroke, every detail serves a purpose, contributing to the holistic narrative of each individual painting. The emphasis on the eyes is deliberate; they are the windows to the universe, conveying emotions that words may fail to express.

As I stand before the blank canvas, the initial strokes are deliberate, mapping the terrain of the face with an acute awareness of anatomy and structure. Yet, the true essence of my artistic approach lies in the subsequent layers—the layers that breathe life into the visage. The play of light and shadow becomes a dance, orchestrating a symphony that unveils the subtle contours of emotion. Each stroke is a conscious dialogue with the subject's soul, a collaboration between the tangible and the intangible.

The eyes, as the focal point of my artistic inquiry, demand meticulous attention. They are the portals through which emotions, dreams, and vulnerabilities are laid bare. Capturing the essence of a gaze is a delicate art, requiring an intimate understanding of the interplay between light, reflection, and the depths of the human spirit. The gaze becomes a storyteller, transcending the boundaries of language, inviting viewers to peer into the labyrinth of emotions that unfold within.

In the pursuit of authenticity, my process extends beyond the canvas itself. Engaging in conversations with the subjects becomes an integral part of my artistic ritual. It is through these interactions that I glean insights into the unspoken, the nuances that lie beneath the surface. This empathic connection infuses my brush with a heightened sensitivity, allowing me to translate not only the physical features but also the intangible essence of the individual.

Colour, another pivotal element in my artistic palette, serves as a silent collaborator in this symphony of expression. Each hue is chosen with intention, as I explore the profound impact that colour psychology wields on the emotional resonance of a painting. It becomes a language in itself, shaping the mood, tone, and narrative of the piece.

The backgrounds in my works are not arbitrary; they are carefully curated companions to the emotional tapestry unfolding in the foreground. They echo the sentiments portrayed, providing context and depth to the stories encapsulated within the frame. The synergy between background and emotion invites viewers to participate in the interpretative dance, challenging them to discern the intricate connections between the portrayed emotions and the chosen environment.

In essence, my artistic approach is a multifaceted exploration, an intricate dance between technical precision and emotional intuition. It is an ode to the impermanence of emotions, an attempt to immortalise the fleeting moments that define the human experience. Through the meticulous rendering of facial expressions, the play of light and shadow, and the orchestration of colour, I invite you to join me on a visual pilgrimage—a journey through portraits and beyond, where every brushstroke whispers the timeless stories of our shared humanity.

Mariia Amarii The Netherlands 2024


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