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Past Events

Music Meets Canvas Interview
Irida Hysenbelli

In the winter months of 2020 we have been busy growing and moving forward the Music Meets Canvas Project which is very exciting for all of us. A long term project that requires much planning, thinking, collaborating and administrating. We are sharing here a conversation we recorded which explains in more detail about the project.

Reversism in Art
Abeer El Khateb

At the moment in production phase, we have an informal recording with Abeer El Khateb who explains what is his theory is about, and how he applies it in his work.

Microphone Close-Up
Sculpting in Wax
Abeer El Khateb

In this one day workshop Abeer shared fundamental and key skills in the mastering of sculpting using wax as the medium.

Fore more click in this link Hampshire UK.

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